A King Named Graffiti
You wanna be down or nah?
A King Named Graffiti

Byron Graffiti 21 from Pittsburgh, resides in Charlotte. I'm a songwriter and I believe in chasing my dreams. Message me for a followback and I'll check out your blog.


You can  watch the whole thing on the “Adoring Beyoncé” iPhone app! Everything is under the “Buzz” tab!


I’m off now, I hope y’all have a great day & thank you for all the lovely messagesss :-) 

Thank you so much!

  Anonymous said:
I need advice. How do I build a better platform on tumblr for my music. I feel as if I am a sociable person, I put up videos and no one looks or reblogs. I have more feedback on IG for my singing videos than I do on here. idk what to do

If your stuff is good send it to me and I’ll help you. Hell we might be able to collab.


someone get drakes dad off of Instagram


Apparently Gaga shaded Beyoncé’s album sales. Girl…



Don’t try it, sis.

I don’t see that as shade tho…