A King Named Graffiti
You wanna be down or nah?
A King Named Graffiti

Byron Graffiti 21 from Pittsburgh, resides in Charlotte. I'm a songwriter and I believe in chasing my dreams. Message me for a followback and I'll check out your blog.

I love all of you all so much. Y’all read my rants, the bullishit I post, and you still don’t judge me..you’re amazing.



I’m trying to get dicked down. Like all in my stomach, pounding guts type dicked down. Hot, sweaty, I’m calling you “daddy” type shit. Choking me while you slow stroking dicked down. Hitting in front the back, slapping my ass, thumb in the butt type dicked down. I’m not trying to make love, I’m trying to fuck type shit.

Byron Graffiti is drunk…



I’m so confused and sometimes naive about Beyoncé and her hair. Like… 😳




Can I sing to you?


Don’t play I’ll give you full out concert.